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The fundamental nature of the research in the field of Physics means that much of the apparatus and equipment cannot be bought "off the shelf" and must be specially fabricated.

The School of Physics workshop is therefore a vital component of the research effort of the School.

Highly skilled technicians work closely with academic staff, research staff and postgraduate students to create the apparatus necessary for research and teaching.

The technical team is skilled in all aspects of this process, from the initial design concept, through detailed design, fabrication, installation, commissioning and "debugging". The workshop specialises in the fields of precision machining, and ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic design and fabrication.

  1. The Physics workshop facility
  2. Workshop services
  3. Physics workshop equipment

The Physics workshop facility

The Physics workshop contains an impressive array of high-precision machinery that has been assembled over many years. Indeed, one of the highest precision lathes is more than 40 years old. In spite of its age, it still performs at a level of precision comparable to the best in Australia.

Not all of the machinery is as old as this precision lathe, and the equipment base in the workshop is continually being built up.

For example, modern digital metrology equipment has been installed to augment the intrinsic precision of these machines. Also, state-of-the-art computer-aided design packages (including three-dimensional visualisation) are commonly used to perform the detailed design. A recent addition to the workshop is an Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) facility.

The enduring levels of precision and quality of the equipment in the workshop are a result of an established program of ongoing maintenance and appropriate utilisation.

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Workshop services

The workshop provides the following services and skills:
  • liquid nitrogen supply
  • production and supply of liquid helium
  • rental and repair of dewars for cryogens
  • specialisation in ultra-high vacuum equipment and apparatus
  • computer-aided design (mainly mechanical)
  • modification and construction (mainly mechanical)
  • installation
  • maintenance and repair (mainly mechanical)
  • support services
  • expertise in troubleshooting (both mechanical and electronic).

Please contact the Workshop Manager, Gary Light, on (+61 8) 6488 2753 to discuss your requirements. 

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Physics workshop equipment

Electric discharge machining equipment

Machine Rating/accuracy
KTC "Ezen Plus" CNC EDM Hole Drill 0.08 - 4.00mm
xxxxx 0.05mm minimum wire diameter


Machine Rating/accuracy
*Schaublin High Precision 120 0.001 mm
**Schaublin High Precision 125 0.001 mm
Sheraton Challenger 0.005 mm
Sheraton Cub 0.005 mm
Hercus 9" bench 0.01 mm
Hercus 260 0.01 mm
Holbrook C 0.02 mm
Holbrook 0.01 mm
Tos 0.01 mm
Chin Yea 0.01

Milling machines

Machine Rating/accuracy
*Schaublin High Precision 53 0.002 mm
**Schaublin High Precision N53 0.002 mm
Johnford 0.02
Cincinatti 0.005
Kao Fong 0.05
Annayak 0.05
Pegard Horizontal Borer (second hand) 0.05


Machine Rating/accuracy
Miller Gold star 2.5 to 500 amps
Linde Plasma 0.1 to 10 amps
Hughes Mini spot  
Brew Vacuum & Inert atmosphere furnace (Secondhand) 1,370°C programmable
Radyne vac brazing  

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