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The core research activities of this group concern the interaction of photons and electrons with gas phase atoms and molecules.

To achieve results in these studies, we have invented groundbreaking technology and are in the process of continuing its development.

Photon impact experiments at Synchrotron and free electron laser light sources

This project involves sub-picosecond time domain measurements of photoelectrons and sub-nanosecond time domain measurements of photo-ions.

Electron impact experiments in the UWA laboratory

  • Sub-nanosecond time domain measurements of auto-detached electrons and ion fragments arising in sub-nanosecond pulsed electron impact experiments.
  • Experiments utilising stored charged particles in a novel, low-kinetic-energy, charged particle Recycling Spectrometer (RS).

We have strong research collaborations with:

These strong collaborations have been supported by the recently awarded ARC Discovery Project for 2008-2010 (DP) Sub-Picosecond Studies of Matter using Intense Light from a Free Electron Laser, in which Hammond is Chief Investigator and Reddish, Prince and Avaldi are Principal Investigators.

In addition, the EQD group was invited to be a member of the European consortium ULiSSE, which is designing and developing new detector technology for novel experiments at the FERMI Free Electron Laser Source.


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