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Andrew Chi Wai Ho

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2738

Start date

Aug 2012

Submission date

Jul 2014

Andrew Chi Wai Ho

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Investigation and Monte Carlo Modelling of Beta Emitting Sources for use in Intensity Modulated Brachytherapy


A method that would allow the control of the direction of emissions from brachytherapy sources has the potential to improve dose conformity in brachytherapy. Several methods to achieve this aim have been investigated including selectively shielding photon emitting radioisotopes and employing miniature x-ray sources. A third option calls for the utilisation of beta emitting radionuclides selectively surrounded by a target material to facilitate bremsstrahlung production. The benefits that this method hopes to achieve include reducing the diameter of the source thus allowing to be used in interstitial procedures.

The primary method of data collection will be Monte Carlo analysis utilising the Geant4 particle transport code.

Why my research is important

The aim of all radiotherapeutic procedures is to deliver radiation dose to malignant tissue while sparing healthy tissue. Absorbed dose to healthy tissue can result in immediate detrimental effects for the patient. Much of the focus in radiotherapy research is improving the ratio of dose delivered to the target area to the dose delivered to the surrounding healthy tissue. It has been shown that an effectively utilised brachytherapy source whose emission direction can be controlled can improve this ratio. Therefore the end goal of my research is to reduce the detrimental effects of healthy tissue being irradiated.


  • WA Deptartment of Health Attraction Scholarship in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics


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