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Matthew Ambrose

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Start date

Aug 2009

Submission date

Aug 2013

Matthew Ambrose

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Geometrical methods for describing polarisable matter


Solid state systems with polarisation include magnets and ferroelectrics. The most fundamental descriptions are based on models for strongly interacting quantum many electron systems. A useful tool for descriptions of ferroelectric polarisation makes use of a topological phase (Berry's phase). This approach may also be applicable to magnetic systems. The goal of the PhD project will be to construct a unified theoretical approach for describing magnetic and dielectric order in one and two dimensional lattices using topological phases. The theory should be able to describe non-uniformly polarised ground states, thereby providing theoretical tools necessary for the construction of theories for dynamics during and near thermal and quantum phase transitions. Possibilities for new models of frustration in random and disordered lattices will be explored.

Why my research is important

Most real systems consist of many particles and thus exact solutions describing the dynamics of the entire system are not available ( even if such solutions were obtainable their usefulness would be questionable ).Instead one is Interested in how measurable properties arise from the collective properties of many particle systems. For this reason condensed matter research is important to the understanding of a vast range of phenomena  


  • Australian Post Graduate Award


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