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Marco Marcello

Start date

Apr 2014

Submission date

Jul 2015

Marco Marcello

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Testing the Impact of Radiotherapy Treatment Quality on Disease Progression for Prostate Cancer Patients


My project involves combining quantifiable and descriptive factors of the quality of radiotherapy treatments (including dosimetric accuracy) with data on disease progression for a large cohort of patients who received those treatments and thus determine whether treatment quality has a significant impact on disease progression and patient survival. Kaplan-Meier survival analyses (including log rank testing) and the establishment of a Cox Proportional hazards model is used to do this testing.

Why my research is important

Ensuring quality within treatment, through the implementation and execution of an appropriate quality assurance scheme, requires a significant amount of resources. Thus it is important to determine whether the treatments quality impacts its efficacy. The effect of quality assessment has always been ASSUMED to have a positive impact on treatment results. Very little data has been generated to suggest it DOES have a positive impact. Data has been established on 750 patients covering both the related quality-assessments and the efficacy of their radiotherapy treatments (whether the treatment successfully treated their cancer). Therefore we are in a position to produce relevant evidence for the impact of quality on radiotherapy treatment.


  • Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Scholarship


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