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Tejinder Kaur

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Start date

Mar 2013

Submission date

Jul 2017

Tejinder Kaur

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Einsteinian Physics: Challenging the Paradigm for Teaching High School Science.


This research focuses on the teaching and learning of Einsteinian physics in high school. Physics concepts are currently introduced to most high school students based on the pre 20th Century paradigm of Newtonian physics that, in turn, makes it very difficult for students to learn and understand physics from an Einsteinian perspective. This research challenges the prevailing approach to high school science and will help to determine how physics can be taught from an Einsteinian perspective. This doctoral study is part of a larger research project supported by the Australian Research Council, the Gravity Discovery Centre Foundation and the Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation titled ‘Measuring the Effectiveness of Specialist Science Enrichment Programs’.

Why my research is important

This research is focused on the need to change the Australian curriculum. Einsteinian physics gives the best description of the universe. It is important for children of all ages and of all backgrounds to be introduced, in appropriate ways, to our best scientific understanding of the world. It is Einsteinian physics that has had the greatest impact on the modern development of science. Without an understanding of the quantum world there would have been no solar panels, televisions, computers, GPS navigators or nuclear power.


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