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The provision of a safe and healthy work environment for employees, students, contractors and visitors is a moral and legal responsibility.

It is also a prerequisite to achieving high international standards in teaching, research and scholarship.

To satisfy the requirements of the safety induction process, all staff and postgraduate students need to complete the following:

1) Complete all modules of the UWA On-line Safety Induction (log in with your Pheme Password)

2) Complete the Physics Safety Induction (which are embedded below) with your supervisor or person designated by your supervisor

3) Complete an area safety induction with your Area Safety Supervisor.  This involves a walk around your work area with the Area Safety Supervisor where they will point out major hazards in your work area and how to reduce the associated risks

4) Complete the requirements of the Biosafety Induction

5) Fill in the Induction Sheet (embedded below) and return it to the Admin Office (Staff) or the School Manager (Postgraduate Students)

6) You can check if you have satisfied the safety requirements by checking the Safety Training Database. If you have questions please contact [email protected].



Manuals and Schedules

Below are files containing the School of Physics 'Safety & Health Responsibilities Schedule' as well as the 'Safety and Health Handbook' and the 'Physics Workshop Safety Manual'.

All staff and postgraduate students are required to read the Safety and Health Handbook, and it is recommended that you are familiar with the other two documents.

All staff and students using the workshop or student workshop are required to read the Physics Workshop Safety Manual. 

Safety schedule [PDF, 28.9 KB]
Updated 6 Dec 2009

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