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2013 is the last year in which Old Course Level 3 Physics units will be available.


The level three or third year curriculum consists of core lecture courses, special topic options, and laboratory projects.

The lecture course offerings are outlined below, with links to course information. The laboratory projects are described below. Options for some courses and laboratories change each year, and students should consult the co-ordinator at the start of each semester for the most up to date listings.

Level 3 modules

Level 3 lecture courses are offered in modules consisting of between 4 and 26 lectures. The number and choice of modules is dictated by the particular unit taken. The lecture courses are complemented by a modern physics laboratory component.

Some options are not available every year, and some will be offered concurrently with Honours. A final list of available options will be presented at the start of each of the two semesters.

The LMS contains detailed information on course requirements, module allocation, and relevant documents.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Laboratory projects

The experiments offered at level three are some of the most interesting and elegant laboratory activities you will encounter during your studies in Physics.

There are no restrictions on which projects you work on, and you are free to choose those experiments which interest you most from the list of available projects.

Each project takes three weeks and during this time the particular experiment is reserved for the exclusive use of your group. A short summary and detailed laboratory book entries are required for the completion of each project.

A formal laboratory report is required for one project at the end of the year, and is submitted and presented at the annual Third Year Conference.

Sample laboratory report web sites:

Level three computer lab

This is a facility within the School of Physics which is available exclusively to level three students. Students are encouraged to use the facility for general computing purposes (including email and web access).

Lecture material and assignment solutions for many other modules are also available via this facility, and the astrophysics module makes extensive use of the web.

The computing facility is in close proximity to most level three laboratory rooms, and students are encouraged to use graphical and data analysis packages in the analysis and presentation of experimental results. Instruction in the use of these packages is provided.

The lab also doubles as a level three common room, and houses a fridge, microwave, and table-tennis.

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