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The UWA MatLab licence has several restrictions, so home use of MatLab is allowed for non-commercial work only, related to your research. 

Please refer to the ITS MatLab licence section for more details.

You can acces Matlab outside the UWA network, however you  computer will need a connection to the UWA FlexLM (licence) server.  If your computer cannot connect to the licence server, MatLab will not run.  So either dial in directly to UWA, or create a VPN connection (such as SNAP) to the UWA campus network.

If you recieve a "Licence Manager Error" or a "FlexLM error" It usually means that MatLab is unable to connect to the UWA FlexLM (licence) server.

This can be due to one of several reasons:

  • MatLab is installed on a computer which is not on the UWA network;
  • The MatLab licence server is down (check the ITS Matlab downtime page);
  • The "licence.dat" file is incorrect, and/or does not point to the UWA licence server.

To this end, note that ITS have a "MatLab-Notify" email list.  All MatLab users in Physics should subscribe themselves to this list, also check the MatLab "Downtime" page for licence server downtime notices, and information on the contents of MatLab's "licence.dat" file (which may change from time to time, as changes are made to the licence server).


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