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Safety personnel duty statement

The Head of School is responsible for safety and health in the School.

This role is delegated to the School Safety Committee. In turn, some aspects of this role must necessarily be delegated to individual research groups.

To this end, the leader of each group is required to nominate a Safety Supervisor who is responsible for ensuring that safety issues at the group/local area level are dealt with according to the University's safety policy. The Safety Supervisors report to the Chair of the School Safety Committee.


The specific duties of the Safety supervisor are outlined here.

  • Ensure Government, University and regulatory body safety requirements are complied with. This includes ensuring current copies of the following documents/signs are placed in a noticeable area within the lab (for example, a noticeboard near the door) and that all staff, students and visitors are alerted to their whereabouts:
    • UWA Occupational Safety & Health Policy
    • School Safety & Health Handbook
    • Emergency Procedures sign
    • Safety Supervisor’s Worksheet.
  • Complete safety inductions for all incoming staff, students and visitors and forward to the School Manager within a week of their starting work.
  • Maintain Safety Supervisor’s Worksheet and give to the School Manager at the end of each year.
  • Arrange relevant training and refresher training for staff, students and visitors.
  • Conduct quarterly workplace inspections.
  • Conduct annual refresher safety information sessions concerning local area hazards with all staff, students and visitors in your area.
  • Ensure a “Safety Hazards in this Area” poster is on the door to every hazardous area (for example, labs or workshops) with the appropriate hazard stickers on it and contact details (both work and after hours) of the safety supervisor and deputy area supervisor). Ensure this poster is kept up-to-date at all times.
  • Complete hazard identification and risk assessment forms when hazards are identified in the work area (in conjunction with School or UWA OSH personnel).
  • Ensure any injuries or other safety hazards are immediately reported to the Safety and Health Representative and the School Safety Officer and are dealt with appropriately by completing an incident report form and/or hazard report form, as appropriate.
  • Update and maintain ChemAlert (the University chemical database)
  • Disseminate relevant information concerning safety and health to staff, students and visitors, for example through safety newsletters.
  • Report to the Chair of the School Safety Committee.

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