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Home use is only available to UWA employed Staff, not students or visiting academics.

The UWA Mathematica licence has several other restrictions, consult the ITS' Mathematica licence page for details.

Every year, in early February, existing Mathematica passwords expire and must be renewed. 

New passwords are required whenever Mathematica is installed on a computer (either for the first time, or when upgrading to a new version).

Renewing an existing Mathematica password.

For annual password renewals, email Physics IT support <> around the renewal date (see the previous question) with:

  1. your name;
  2. the MathID;
  3. the name of your computer; and
  4. the Mathematica version.

[Note: the MathID is provided by Mathematica when it warns you of an impending password expiry.  You can also determine the MathID at any time by evaluating $MachineID within Mathematica.]

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Obtaining a new Mathematica password (first time installation or an upgrade to a new version)

For new passwords, (when installing Mathematica for the first time, or updating to a new version), you will need to register on the Wolfram Research website.

When Mathematica generates a dialog box asking for a new password, click the "Enter Password" button, which brings up another dialog box, giving you the MathID for that computer.

Take note of the MathID, and fill in the other fields as follows

License Number: L2439-1224
Name: Physics
Organization: University of Western Australia

then click the "Register on Web" button.

This should automatically start up your computer's default web browser, and take you to a locally cached "splash" page.  Click on the "Connect to Wolfram Research" button, which takes you to

Once there, enter all the information requested (which will either be the information above, or the MathID that you took note of earlier).

Exact details of the web page registration may vary according to the version of Mathematica you're registering and/or the browser version.  In any case the steps should be straightforward.

At the end of it all, a password is generated and sent, along with the other information you provided, to UWA IT Services (ITS).

Shortly thereafter, you should receive an email from Physics IT support with your Mathematica password.

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