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How can I "force" documents to print single-sided on the photocopiers?

Although this might seem like an odd question, note that the Physics Kyocera photocopiers have duplex (double-sided) printing enabled by default.

Whilst this setting can be overridden, it requires that your computer have the Kyocera print driver installed AND configured for the correct model of photocopier you wish to print to.

If you did not perform these steps when setting up printing to the photocopiers on your computer, the "advanced" printing options will not be available and you will not be able to override the default duplex setting.

Once you have downloaded the Kyocera print driver to your computer and configured it correctly, the various "advanced" print options become available.

It is by setting these advanced printing features (specifically, switching off duplex mode) that you will be able to override the default duplex print setting, and "force" single-sided print output.


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