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How do I unsubscribe from the UWA-events mailing list?

All UWA staff are automatically added to the UWA-events email list, which is maintained by ITS.  Because this list is often high-volume, the procedure of unsubscribing from it is fairly easy:

  1. go to the listinfo web page for uwa-events;
  2. scroll to the bottom of that page;
  3. just above the footer is a text box with an "Unsubscrive or edit options" beside it;
  4. in the text box, enter the email address with which you subscribed to the list;
  5. click the button "Unsubscribe or edit options";
  6. scroll to the "Unsubscribe" section, read the instructions, and click the button.

Further information about the UWA-events list, and subscribing or unsubscribing from it, may be found on ITS' mailing lists page.

How do I unsubscribe from the UWA All-staff mailing list?

As of this writing, there is no way to unsubscribe from the UWA All-staff mailing list.

The All-staff mailing list is for the dissemination of important information and, as it is "low-volume", UWA management feel that there is no reason for staff to unsubscribe from it.

Does the School of Physics maintain any maillists and, if so, where can I view them?

Yes; the School of Physics maintains several mailing lists.  They can be viewed on the list view page, which gives a one-line description of each list.  Many of the lists have longer descriptions which can be viewed by following the link.

Note that for security reasons, and to prevent email address "harvesting" by spammers, the list view page can only be accessed from the UWA network.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe myself to/from a Physics mailing list?

There are two methods, depending on your taste:

  1. via the web
    go to the list view page, select the relevant list, and click on the "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" link;
  2. via email
    send an email to <> with the words  subscribe list_name  or  unsubscribe list_name  in the body of the email (the subject line can be left blank), where "list_name" is the short name of the list.

If the list is "open", you will receive an email confirming your desire to be subscribed.  You must reply as per instructions before the subscription goes through.  (Open lists require no confirmation for unsubscription.)

If the list is "closed", the list owner will receive an email asking if it's OK for you to leave or join the list.  The list owner must reply for the (un)subscription to go through, otherwise it's rejected.

Note that the methods above only allow you to (un)subscribe yourself to the list.  To (un)subscribe others to a list, you must be the list owner (basically, you have to know the list password—see the following question for details).

Also note that certain lists, so-called "meta-lists", are not open for subscription: they contain other maillists only.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe others to/from a Physics mailing list?

Only a list owner can (un)subscribe someone other than themselves.

For list owners, the Physics list management page allows you to (un)subscribe one or several people.  You will need the list admin password in order to do this.

Note that for security reasons, the list management page can only be accessed from the UWA network.

I sent an email to a Physics mailing list, but it didn't get through.  What's wrong?

There are many possible reasons for this, but the most common is that the list option "restricted-post" has been enabled.

Such lists only allow list members, Physics staff and senior students to post to the list, as a spam prevention measure.

To solve this problem, either join the list (as described in a previous question) or, if you're unwilling/unable to do os, ask a list member to post your message.

Note that there are many issues which can cause email problems, most of which are unrelated to mailing list restrictions.  If problems persist, please see your local computer support staff.

I forgot the admin password of the Physics maillist for which I am the owner.  What can I do?

Contact the School computer support staff.

I'm the list owner of a Physics teaching maillist, and I would like to add all my students to it.  How can I do this?

This question usually comes up near start of semester, when course coordinators need to update the various class mailing lists.

For lists that are not especially important and/or only disseminate advisory information, students can subscribe themselves, as described in an a previous question.

For lists to which it is important that all students be subscribed, add them in bulk via the Physics list management page, if you know the list admin password.

If this is not possible for whatever reason, the Physics Admin Office staff can populate teaching lists for you, if you send the relevant student email addresses to <>.


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