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The IT support section can help you with a range of technologies available within the School of Physics

Support Tickets

In an attempt to make the IT Support experience as easy and as stress free as possible, I would like to ask all staff to go through the following process when submitting support requests.

To open a new ticket, you can simply email with your request details including:

  • A brief description of your issue
  • When the issue started occurring
  • Your room number or mode of contact with sufficient detail (alternate room number, mobile number, times of availability etc.).

You will receive a confirmation from the UWA Helpdesk System that your ticket has been opened. I check the ticketing system multiple times per day and I will receive your request and respond confirming receipt.

If you wish to add any additional information to your ticket, please reply to any of the emails you received from the system and all information will get added to your ticket.


Legacy Email Addresses

Before the implementation of the UWA centralized email and calendaring system (ECS), the School of Physics issued email addresses to staff and post-grad students. With the implementation of ECS, each address has been forwarded to an ECS mailbox corresponding to the appropriate person. With the decommissioning of the School of Physics email gateway, the conversion between email address to @uwaemail address is being migrated to ECS. All existing addresses will continue to work for those that already have them.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are best used when email needs to flow between many people to enable announcements or group discussion. The following table lists all the current mailing lists in use within Physics. These mailing lists are administered by the list administrators who can add / remove users via the UWA Mailing list web interface

Name ECS Address Legacy Physics Address
All Physics
General Staff
All Physics Staff
Curriculum Executive

Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists are best used when a single email address needs to send mail to either one person in a role-based position or for more general purposes such as ordering and online accounts. Below is a list of the current distribution lists in use in the School of Physics:
Name ECS Address Legacy Physics AddressRecipients
First Year Coordinator Brookes
Second Year Coordinator McArthur
Third Year Coordinator Grasso
Honours Coordinator Abbott
Postgrad Coordinator Abbott

Before using any School of Physics computing facilities (including school and campus networks) you should be aware of and agree to the University's IT Policies. Further information can be found on the University's IT Services (ITS) website..


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