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Casual teaching

Further information

If you have any queries concerning casual teaching, contact the Finance Officer (room 4.9 extn 2759).

The deadline for submitting claims is the WEDNESDAY preceding pay week (the day web timesheets close; see pay dates for details).

Online pay slips can be viewed via ESS.

Casual teaching may be undertaken by Honours and postgraduate students with the permission of the Unit Co-ordinator.

Casual teaching procedures

To register for casual teaching, complete the following forms and submit to the School Manager for approval. (You only have to do this once.)

First-year demonstrating

First-year Unit Co-ordinators are responsible for preparing unit teaching schedules each semester. This includes timetabling total weekly teaching activities and teaching hours for each first-year unit.

Prospective casual employees can sign up for first-year demonstrating by consulting with Unit Coordinators before the start of semester. Unit Coordinators then compile a teaching timetable for each Demonstrator, and this remains fixed for the semester.

Payments are processed according to the scheduled agreement between Unit Coordinators and Demonstrators, so no pay claims need to be submitted.

Demonstrators must inform Unit Coordinators when there is diversion from their teaching plan. This must be done in advance, where possible, so adjustments can be made to the teaching timetable and payment schedules.

Demonstrating for units other than first-year

  • Casual teaching employees undertaking duties for units other than first-year need to complete a Teaching Claim Form. This is available from the 4th floor Physics Finance Officer (room 4.9).
  • Completed forms must be submitted to the Physics Finance Officer (room 4.9) for processing.

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