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Please enter your order through the Physics online order system.

  • supplier name (including email contact if possible),
  • item description and part number,
  • quantity required,
  • PG to be charged and
  • attach quotation if applicable.
  • for online credit card purchases, please ensure you include the website link.

The purchasing officer will email you if there are any problems with availability and to inform you that the order has been processed. Once ordered you will receive an email to confirm order has been processed.

When the goods arrive, you will receive an updated email to collect goods, either from the basement or from room 4.03.

It is important to check that the contents of the delivery match the invoice/packing slip before signing for the items and placing the invoice/packing slip in the tray located on the collection shelves or delivery desk in room 4.03.

If you are awaiting an urgent delivery and the purchasing officer is away you are welcome to check the basement or room 4.03 for your package but it is extremely important that you sign the paperwork that came with the delivery and leave it on the purchasing officer’s desk otherwise there is no way of tracking that goods have been received. It has been requested that all large packages are to be delivered to the basement and small goods to be delivered to room 4.03.

Please place all hard copy invoices for payment in the purchasing officer's file tray on delivery desk/basement shelves with the PG number to be charged clearly marked on the invoice so the invoice can be processed for payment.

If you have an electronic copy simply forward it as an attachment in an email to the purchasing officer with the PG to be charged.


eBay ordering:

The School is unable to purchase through eBay. If you have to purchase via eBay, you will need to order this yourself and be reimbursed due to difficulties in the past with receiving parcels and refunds.

Many thanks for your understanding. 


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