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YiQiu Ma

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 4261


Start date

Nov 2011

Submission date

Apr 2015

YiQiu Ma

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Topics in physics of gravitational wave detections


My research field is to study the quantum noise of gravitational wave detectors. We try to design filter cavities to manipulate the quantum light for improving the sensitivity and broadening the bandwidth of gravitational wave detectors. We also explore the new noise sources of gravitational wave detectors and estimate their effect on the sensitivity. We are also interested in the small-scale optomechanical systems such as optical trapped microspheres.

Why my research is important

Future Gravitational wave detectors is limited by the quantum noise, design methods to overcome this noise bottleneck is important for future GW research. Research in the quantum behavior of optomechanical system is important for precision measurement and testing the quantum behavior of microscopic oscillators.


  • IRPS scholarship


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