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Xu Chen

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 4552

Start date

Feb 2010

Submission date

Feb 2013

Xu Chen


Investigation of parametric interactions and their applications


The aim of this project is to observe and control parametric instabilities on tabletop experiments.The small tabletop set-up provides a test bed for techniques that will be later used in the large scale interferometric gravitational wave detectors. Next, I will develop and test a feedback system to control the parametric instabilities on the tabletop set-up.

Why my research is important

My observations of how parametric interactions evolve will improve the gravitational waves community's understanding of this phenomenon.

The system to control the parametric instabilities could also lead to some exciting new applications such as opto-acoustic parametric amplifiers which will amplify sound with light, as well as the ground-state cooling of acoustic modes.


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