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Stephen Parker

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1332

Start date

Mar 2008

Submission date

Mar 2012

Stephen Parker


Experimental Tests of Local Lorentz Invariance Using Microwave Signals


This work aims to place new limits on Local Lorentz Invariance violating parameters from the photon sector of the Standard Model Extension. These new limits are obtained by studying data from our rotating dual cryogenic sapphire resonator experiment that looks for variations in the speed of light (a modern day Michelson-Morley experiment). We are in the process of upgrading the experiment to increase its sensitivity to these variations as well as developing new techniques for analyzing the data. We also continue to derive our sensitivity to new parameters added to the theoretical framework.

Why my research is important

Some theories attempting to unify the four fundamental interactions of physics predict a breakdown of Local Lorentz Invariance at certain energy levels. The Standard Model Extension is a theoretical framework that gives us the tools required to search for these Local Lorentz Invariance violations. By setting new limits on the possibility of these violations occurring we hope to aid in the development and refinement of unification theories.


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