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Rhet Magaraggia

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1335


Start date

Feb 2007

Submission date

Feb 2011

Rhet Magaraggia


Studies of pinned magnetic interfaces through dynamic magnetisation techniques


In magnetic systems which possess an interface between two competing forms of magnetic ordering, the physics of the interface itself is important in determining the properties over a region which can encompass the whole system. An example of such is any system which exhibits exchange bias. However these interfaces are buried and difficult to access. Dynamic magnetisation studies such as FMR and AC-Suceptibility are powerful techniques which allow interfacial properties to be inferred. The topic of study for this thesis is probing patterned magnetic materials with these dynamic magnetisation techniques to gain new information on how interfacial ordering and coupling is altered by the unique structuring of these thin films.

Why my research is important

Elucidating the properties of buried magnetic interfaces for greater understanding of interface physics. As interfaces allow the tailoring of physical properties of a material, they become important in technological application where control over such magnetic parameters is an issue.


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