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Rainer Scharli


Establishment of Routine Production of the Cyclotron-Derived PET Isotope 89Zr: Reliable Method for Specific Activity Determination


The PET metallo-radionuclide 89Zr, with its relatively long half-life (78hr, b+mean=0.397MeV; 23%) is a candidate for immuno-PET imaging and 'dose-scouting' for radioimmunotherapy (67Cu, 177Lu), particularly when extended monoclonal-antibody (mAb) circulation time facilitates tumour penetration. Challenges in purification of 89Zr and its radiolabelling to mAb, plus achievement of adequate specific activity have restricted its use. Introduction of an isothiocyanate group to the desferrioxamine-based conjugation of mAb (Perk, Nature_Protocols, 2008) plus improvements in cyclotron solid-targetry will likely expand applications of 89Zr. This presentation reports

reliable measurement of specific activity of 89Zr. This follows successful solid-targetry production of radionuclidically-pure (>98%, HPGe gamma-spectroscopy) & chemically-pure (

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