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Bipina Dhal

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Start date

Mar 2012

Submission date

Mar 2016

Bipina Dhal


Treatment of breast cancer using electronic brachytherapy source (EBS): A Monte Carlo study.


Recently low energy compact x-ray sources have been used for radiological treatment. Due to its portability, this equipment facilitates effective use in a small environment with minimum radiation shielding. It is currently known as electronic brachytherapy source (EBS). These EBS sources known to have higher relative biological effectiveness (RBE) than high energy photons obtained using brachytherapy sources. A recent study on EBS shows that, by using this source, less single strand breaks (SSB) and increased double strand break yield for electronic brachytherapy source (EBS) is achieved, implying an enhanced RBE up to 40-50%. This miniature isotropic x-ray source incorporates spherical applicators in delivering the beam to a specific point has an advantage and ability in treatment of breast cancer. The applicator diameter is an important parameter in determining the range of tumor cell control in irradiated tumor bed.

We intend to investigate a detailed Monte Carlo study on contrast, signal to noise ratio average glandular dose, radio-biological effectiveness by characterising an EBS. A Monte Carlo calculation can facilitate a systematic investigation. We expect an outcome of a recommendation of appropriate applicator, source combination, and breast thickness composition dose delivered from this pilot study. An optimal treatment planning can then be advised. We are planning to use EGSnrc Monte Carlo model along with Monte Carlo damage simulation program (Stewart et al. Radiat. Res 161, 451-57, 2006,Med. Biol 51 1693-1706). The simulated results will be compared with the treatment results and beam characteristics from the treatment setup.

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  • WA Deptartment of Health Attraction Scholarship in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics


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