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Steven Crossley

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Feb 2011

Submission date

Feb 2015

Steven Crossley


Personal Electronic Dosimeters: Can they replace TLDs in PET?


Personal electronic dosimeters are already in use to warn radiation works of high dose rates in many workplaces. New models of electronic dosimeters can log the recorded doses to a database as a permanent record. At present all radiation workers in WA (and most of the world) must wear passive dosimeters such as TLDs to log their exposure to ionising radiation. Can logging electronic personal dosimeters replace TLDs? Should we push for legal recognition of these devices as the sole means of personal radiation dosimetry?

The project has two main sections: 1) A set of controlled experiments in which dosimeters are exposed to 511keV photons and their results compared; and 2) a comparison of dose records from electronic and passive dosimeters in two groups of staff exposed to PET radiopharmaceuticals: nurses and technologists in Nuclear Medicine and radiochemists in the radiopharmaceutical production and dispensing labs of Medical Technology & Physics.

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