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Colm Tait Morrison

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Jul 2012

Submission date

Jul 2014

Colm Tait Morrison

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Investigation of CT based planning and beam intensity modulation methods to improve dose uniformity throughout the patient while improving sparing of organs at risk during total body irradiation


Total body irradiation (TBI) is a radiotherapy technique used as part of the conditioning regime prior to bone marrow transplantation, a procedure used to treat a variety of diseases including aplastic anaemia, malignant lymphoma and various types of leukaemia. TBI is conventionally delivered with a static, large field unmodulated beam, but with CT-based planning and beam modulation techniques, improved dose uniformity and reduced dose to organs at risk can be achieved. The goal of this project is to produce a modulated arc therapy for TBI that can be implemented using existing equipment in WA hospitals and clinics.

Why my research is important

As with all radiation therapies, TBI regimens are associated with acute and delayed toxicities. With improvements in delivery techniques, the number of long term survivors is increasing, however, long-term pulmonary, thyroid, and ocular complications are still common. Any advancement in TBI delivery techniques that reduces the radiation dose to key organs within patients will reduce the likelihood of such conditions. For this reason, research continues into the role of irradiation parameters, notably treatment position and beam energy. This project aims to advance TBI treatment in WA towards an arc-based intensity modulated radiotherapy technique, improving dose distribution to bone marrow and reducing dose to healthy tissue.


  • WA Deptartment of Health Attraction Scholarship in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics


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