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Jeremy Hughes

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 2738

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Mar 2013

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Mar 2015

Jeremy Hughes

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Automated Analysis of DynaLog Files for Advanced Radiotherapy Treatments


The aim of this project is to perform analysis on the dynamic log files (DynaLog files) produced by Varian machines during treatment in order to produce a complimentary form of Quality Assurance.

These DynaLog files are suitable for analysis as they log a wealth of information regarding the treatment in 50ms intervals. The most notable are the positions of the individual leaves of the Multileaf Collimator which is a component of the linear accelerator that shapes the radiation during treatment. DynaLog files not only log where the physicists expect the leaves to be but also where the leaves actually are. By creating a program in MatLab that analyses pertinent data we are able to compute the positional errors of the leaves as well as compare the expected radiation delivery to the actual radiation delivery amongst other things. This information can be used on a patient specific level by ensuring the correct dose was delivered or on a more global level by ensuring that none of the individual leaves are broken or failing. This is applicable for a wide range of complex radiotherapy techniques including IMRT and VMAT.

Why my research is important

The methods that are currently employed for patient specific quality assurance are time consuming processes. By reducing the time spent preforming these checks we free up more time for the linear accelerator to treat patients as well as allowing physicists to spend their time more wisely. Additionally my research could flag individual leaves that reside in the multileaf collimator for replacement or repair preventing errors arising in the future.


  • WA Deptartment of Health Attraction Scholarship in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics


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