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Jacinta Delhaize

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 7839


Start date

Mar 2009

Submission date

Mar 2012

Jacinta Delhaize


Detecting Neutral Hydrogen Gas in Intermediate-Redshift Galaxies Using Spectral-Stacking Techniques


Galaxy formation and evolution is a mysterious process. We are still uncertain of the exact mechanisms and processes involved in the formation of dark matter halos, the in-fall of hydrogen gas, the conversion of gas into stars and the subsequent galactic evolution. While we are aware that the star-formation rate of the universe has changed over cosmic time, we are not sure how the total amount of hydrogen gas in the universe has changed. Neutral hydrogen gas emits a characteristic emission line at 21cm, however is difficult to detect this signature beyond redshift zero due to current radio telescope limitations. My research aims to develop the technique of 'spectral stacking' to push this redshift limit. I combine the hydrogen signal of many different galaxies to produce an averaged signal which is much stronger than the insignificant signal from each galaxy individually. This gives us an indication of the average gas properties of the universe.

Why my research is important


  • International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research/UWA


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