School of Physics and Astrophysics


Students within the Medical Physics research group:

Current Students

  • Jonathon Thompson (MSc)
  • Benjamin Hug (PhD)
  • Juanita Lopez-Gaitan (PhD)
  • Marco Marcello (PhD)
  • Emily Her (PhD)
  • Blake Segler (MSc)
  • Alicia Harvey (MSc)
  • Alexander Burton (MPhys)
  • Mario Djukelic (MPhys)
  • Rikki Nezich (MPhys)
  • Joshua Hiatt (MPhys)
  • Rebecca D'Alonzo (MPhys)
  • Dane Taylor (MPhys)
  • Sini Abraham (MPhys)
  • Yulisa Yulisa (MPhys)
  • Seonaid Rodgers (MPhys)


  • Azrul Yahya (PhD)
  • Calyn Moulton (PhD)
  • Steven Crossley (MSc)
  • Colm Morrison (MSc)
  • Jeremy Hughes (MSc)
  • Andrew Ho (MSc)
  • Corban Neeley (MPhys)
  • Ryan Begley (MPhys)
  • Jasper Fried (MPhys)
  • Connor Guilfoile (MPhys)
  • Kalam Ciantar (MPhys)
  • Katherin Tonkin (MPhys)
  • Luke Slama (MPhys)
  • Tom Milan (MPhys)
  • Chen Li (MPhys)
  • Theresa Fredderson (MPhys)
  • Nicholas Gale (BPhil)
  • Arash Arabshahi (BPhil)

Fremantle Hospital - Nuclear Medicine

Phil Calais*

Genesis - Radiation Oncology

Jonathon Thompson
Colm Morrison

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital - Medical Technology and Physics

Alicia Harvey
Steve Crossley
Tom Greig
Tegan Rourke*
Rainer Scharli*
Eliza Westcott

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital - Radiation Oncology

Bipin Dhal
Andrew Ho
Ben Hug*
Jeremy Hughes
Juanita Lopez-Gaitan*
Corban Neeley
Blake Segler*
Azrul Yahya*


* PhD students 

Prospective Masters and PhD students can direct enquiries to Mike House, or to the key researchers in their area of interest from the Medical Physics Research Group.  View our projects page for a list of proposed projects.


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