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StarShot (measurement of the collimator rotation isocentre with EPID) and FindCax (measurement of the beam central axis on the EPID) Matlab scripts

StarShot + FindCax [ZIP, 60.3 KB]
Updated 14 Nov 2013


Diagnostic Imaging Pathways, by WA Department of Health, is a clinical decision support tool and educational resource for diagnostic imaging.  It includes this new Radiation Training Module.


EPSM 2013 student abstracts


Impact factors and ranks of selected journals in the Medical Physics field of study, 2008-2012

Journal Reviews [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Updated 3 Dec 2013

Journal Reviews [DOC, 2.6 MB]
Updated 13 Nov 2013



Mountaingoat is an executable that does basic analysis on dynamic log files produced by Varian MLC systems. Mountaingoat was compiled in MATLAB 2012b and as a result requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) V8.0 to run.


SWAN logo

Swan allows the user to review, in three dimensions, isodose distributions and delineated organ contours superimposed on radiotherapy treatment planning CT data. 

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Curriculum materials

Nuclear Physics - SPICE secondary science teachers’ enrichment program, a partnership between the WA Department of Education and The University of Western Australia 

Outreach activities

MRI Mystery Box - Demonstrate the ability of MRI to image soft tissues, and the effects of viscosity on MRI images.  The MRI images are examined on a computer by participants, in two applications in which they identify fruits and distinguish between a cooked and raw egg. If you wish to access these activities, please contact the Biomagnetics Research Group.

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