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Australian International Gravitational Research Centre (AIGRC)

The Australian International Gravitational Research Centre (AIGRC) is part of the Australian Consortium for Interferometric Gravitational Astronomy (ACIGA).

The Consortium comprises the University of Adelaide, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, and the University of Western Australia.

It has a number of key projects underway:

  • Research aimed at improving the performance of present laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors through advanced technologies to ultimate limits set by mechanics, quantum mechanics, lasers and optics.

  • Transferring this research into practical designs for inclusion in existing and future detectors (for example, the Advanced LIGO in the US) after testing these designs at the High Optical Power Facility at Gingin.

  • Data analysis for a network of gravitational waves detectors under the guidance of the Astronomy Group.

  • Transferring research, where appropriate, to industrial partners for the production of commercial products.

The AIGRC was established in 1990 to enable a cooperative research centre to provide a national focus in a major frontier in physics: the detection of gravitational waves and the development of gravitational astronomy.

Through strong national and international participation, the research centre concentrates on the development of advanced technologies driven by the goal of the next generation large-scale gravitational observatory construction.

Current research projects

Ongoing PhD projects, in collaboration with local and international partners, are listed here.

Australia-France:  Gravitational Waves and Gamma Ray Astronomy

PhD in Gravitational Wave Data Analysis

PhD in Gravitational Wave Research

PhD in Science Education

Other research interest


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