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Stuart Munro

Stuart Munro

Rhodes Scholar
PhD Student

Oxford University

I'm one year into my PhD in Hypersonics, which involves working on scramjet engines.

My favourite courses at UWA were Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics, with my studies leading me towards my goal of becoming an astronaut. While this dream is still very much alive, I'm realising just how many different opportunities are available to me, and have broadened my aspirations as a result

Apart from the course content, you develop many other skills at UWA as well. Thinking for myself, learning how to be critical of and evaluate the accuracy of the information put before me, and learning how to work effectively both in a group and independently, are all skills I gained and find invaluable.

The two highlights of my career to date would have to be being selected as Western Australia's 2004 Rhodes Scholar, and the experience of studying here at Oxford with such incredible people.


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