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Leonard Wee

Leonard Wee at work
BSc; BE (Hons); PhD
Radiation Oncology
Medical Physicist
Royal Perth Hospital

My initial aspirations at UWA were for an interesting and well-paid job at the end of it all. 

My change in perspective was to a large degree influenced by the pro-active attitude of my lecturers and supervisors. 

Skills I acquired during my time at UWA were persistence, the ability to look at a problem from many directions, being able to relate to people at different levels, and the ability to find problems as well as solutions.

My job as a Radiation Oncology Medical Physicist means I play a leading role in providing scientific veracity and mathematical accuracy for medical interventions that use high doses of ionising radiation to treat cancer. Being instrumental in the implementation of a cancer modality new to Western Australia, and my continuing involvement in the development of new treatments are the two most satisfying achievements of my career to date.


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