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Jane Turner

 Jane Turner

BSc Physics, Pure Mathematics (Hons.)
Woodside Energy Ltd
Perth, WA

Starting university my goal was to become an aviation/physics teacher, but I didn't enjoy the Education units as much as the Science units, and I didn't like working with children! After some thought I decided to change direction, and found that the Physics units were my favourite.

During my Honours year I applied for six diverse positions in physics, eventually choosing one that appeared to be the most exciting and with the most options. This took me to Europe for nearly two years, working for Shell International. I returned to Australia three years ago to my current position at Woodside Energy Ltd.

I work around the world for companies that drill offshore oil and gas wells. During and after drilling I analyse the data and logs collected to assess the quantity and quality of the oil and/or gas discovered. Every well is different, and that's exciting. Science is at the core of what I do; everything from research and journal writing to operations and of course the offshore work.

It's exciting to call someone at 3am and tell them they've just hit gas in their exploration well. The travel, too, is awesome - I've visited 13 countries in my first 18 months. The training, job opportunities and salary are also fantastic.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering taking up a degree in Science at UWA?

Science is a fun degree to do. Scientists work in so many different fields, so a Science degree will help you find a career you enjoy.


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