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Qi Fang

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1263


Start date

Apr 2011

Submission date

Apr 2015

Qi Fang


Opto-mechanical Interactions and Applications to High Sensitivity


My project is based on the research about the two problems in Gravitational Wave(GW) detection: parametric instability and Quantum Radiation Pressure Noise(QRPN). The aims of my project are to observe parametric instability and control it; proof-of-principle experiments to demonstrate a novel scheme for measuring QRPNs and the way to surpass them. In addition to the fundamental research on parametric instability and QRPNs I am about to involve building a 50W laser for HOPTF\cite{50W}. High power lasers are considered to be a key role in GW detection in future.

Why my research is important

Parametric instability might affect the vibration of the mechanical resonance so we will not be able to measure the amplitude of the signals. We want to observe and control parametric instabilities. Besides, there has been no observation about QRPNs in experiments so far. As a critical role in next generation GW detectors, research on QRPNs could possibly lead to a breakthrough in GW detection. We want to find out the methods to measure QRPNs and to suppress them.


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