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Qi Chu

Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1526

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Jun 2012

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Qi Chu

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Early Detection and Localization of Compact Binary Coalescence Gravitational Waves


My research comprises three parts centered about early detection and localization of the Compact Binary Coalescence (CBC) gravitational wave sources. I will investigate the scientific benefits, especially the improvement on early detection and localization of the CBC sources, of a larger gravitational wave detector network. Also, I will develop two strategies for improving the low latency CBC search software pipeline: the adoption of a parallel computing hardware—General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit (GPGPU)—for pipeline acceleration; and a template interpolation method that should reduce computation complexity of the search.

Why my research is important

It is expected the first direct detection of gravitational waves is likely to happen in the coming decade as the second generation laser-interferometric gravitational wave detectors, such as LIGO, is going to be operational in late 2015. And yet the research on the prospects of early GW triggers before the final coalescence is lacking. My research will be focusing on this subject.


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