Department of Physics

Rooms, labs and floor plans

Our School building has five floors, plus ground and basement.

Important rooms

School Administrative Office
4th floor, room 4-3 (opposite the lift)
The Foyer:
Ground floor, room G-16
Clews Lecture Theatre:
2nd floor, room 2-43
Ross Lecture Theatre:
Ground floor, room G-41
Minor Lecture Theatre:
2nd floor, room 2-15
Common room:
Second floor, room 2-26 (For second and third year students)


First Year Labs are on the first floor in the following rooms

  • 1-16 (Dark Lab)
  • 1-16a
  • 1-19 (Light Lab)
  • 1-19a
  • 1-21 (Air Tables Lab)
  • 1-21a
  • 1-21b
  • 1-21c
  • 1-21d
  • 1-28 First Year Lab
  • 1-28a
  • 1-28b
  • 1-28c
  • 1-28d
  • 1-31 First Year Lab
  • 1-31a
  • 1-39 (Biophysics Wet Lab)

Second Year Lab/Mac computer Lab

Second floor, room 2-19 

Third Year Lab

Second floor, room 2-26

Floor plans

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