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Particles is a 'mini-newsletter' which is produced as part of the School of Physics Science Journalism Work Experience Programme. Anyone interested in being part of the programme, send an email to Jay Jay (

Particles Issue 9:

By Junho Park and Seamus Pandit, Perth Modern School.

Particles Issue 8:

By Liam Ryan, St. Stephen's Duncraig and Massimo Mckie, St George's Anglican Grammar School, Perth

Particles Issue 7:

By Grace Marsh and Georgina Vlahos, Shenton College, Perth, WA

Particles Issue 6:

By Nima Mozanami and Emma Gerschwitz , Shenton College, Perth, WA

Particles Issue 5:

By Tom Reglar and Caylem Weeks, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, Perth, WA

Particles-July-2016 [PDF, 2.0 MB]
Updated 30 Jun 2016

Particles Issue 4:

By Holly Dear and Paris Javid, Shenton College

Particles Issue 4 [PDF, 1.8 MB]
Updated 24 Sep 2015

Particles Issue 3:

By Nathaniel Watson and Gabrielle Becerra-Mellet, Shenton College

Particles Issue 3 [PDF, 1.8 MB]
Updated 24 Sep 2015

Particles Issue 2:

By Lauren Kennington and Beslin Selvin, Thornlie Christian College

Particles Issue 1:

By Joan Golding, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland


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